My Story

When I was 5 years-old, I discovered color theory. But, I wouldn't appreciate that until I was considerably older and well into college as a studio art major.

My mom was assisting my cousin with an art project and needed gold to paint a chalice. They were using my tempera paint set which only had the primary colors, white, black and brown. No one in the house could figure out what colors to mix from the colors that were available. Using yellow and white were not giving them the effect that they were looking for. So, I went up to my mom and mentioned to her to combine brown, yellow and a little white. She followed my advice and when it worked was amazed a 5-year-old could be so clever.

That is one of my favorite anecdotes from when I was a child. Now, I apply that resourcefulness to my work as a freelance artist and print designer. I can adapt to new challenges, and I'm never disheartened by unexpected problems. I find staying levelheaded allows me to find better solutions.

I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and migrated to the United States with my mom and sister at an early age. We settled in Plantation, Florida where I grew up and lived for over 20 years and it's the place that I will always call home. All throughout my childhood and at every stage of my life, my art teachers have recognized my potential and encouraged me to work on honing that talent.

I attended Florida State University where I was pursuing a major in studio art with a focus on graphic design.This is where I accumulated most of my training. After 4 years I transferred to Florida Atlantic University where I changed majors and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. I also obtained a master’s degree in national security affairs at Nova Southeastern University.

I worked as an administrative assistant for several years after graduating college, while applying for a security analyst position at several federal agencies. Unfortunately, I didn't satisfy the requirements. After a five-year hiatus from art, I came back to pursuing my passion. I’ve been doing commissioned and personal art projects since 2016. I've been refreshing all the graphic design skills I learned in college and picking up on some new ones. Throughout this process, the surface design industry caught my attention and have found creating patterns fascinating. I always seem to lose myself in the process.

Besides art, I also love to travel. Learning about different cultures, people, food and the history of the places that I visit fascinates me. My family means everything to me and their aren't enough words to describe how much I appreciate all their support and encouragement. And last but not least, I adore my pomchi, Little Bit, my constant companion.

Thank you for taking an interest and checking out my site and my work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and follow me on social media!